How to Save your Youtube Videos to Google Drive

Want to know how to save YouTube videos to Google Drive?

Many people are not aware of the steps required to save YouTube videos to your Google Drive. Reading this article can help you to know the process. YouTube is the second most popular search engine throughout the world. Every person who is having any queries or doubts in any field, the first and foremost thing we browse is YouTube.

When we don’t have time to watch long videos, we can just browse and check out whether it matches our needs or not. A YouTuber is required for saving YouTube videos to Google drive. If you have already uploaded plenty of videos, there are chances that you do not have every item locally. By backing up your YouTube videos to Google Drive, you can easily access it whenever you require.

Ways to save YouTube Videos to Google Drive

There are several ways to save YouTube videos to a cloud storage like Google Drive. Google provides us with 15GB of free cloud storage space, after which it is chargeable.

1. Using Google Takeout : Save YouTube Videos

How to Save your Youtube Videos to Google Drive 2

Google itself has given us a tool for saving YouTube videos, which restricts us to save any other videos. There are certain steps to follow to save the videos, which are mentioned below:

  • The first step is to visit the Google Takeout page.
  • The second step is, on that page you need to click the Show More Products option for backing up from your Google services account and click NEXT.
  • Clicking next would direct you to another page which will enable you with two things to do. The first thing is to select the file type. You will be provided with three file formats such as .zip, .tbz and .tgz. A preferable one is .zip.
  • Then you need to select the delivery method. Under this, you will get four options such as Add to Drop Box, add to OneDrive, send download link through email and Add to Drive. Except for the “send download link via email” option, all the other would help you to save YouTube videos.
  • After selecting any of those three Drive options, click on the Create Archive button. The maximum size of the video which you can upload is 2GB/ video.

2. Using Google Drive Extension

How to Save your Youtube Videos to Google Drive 3

Like an Operating System, every browser to has its limits. The browsers become more functional if extensions are included. Installing a lot of extensions can affect the performance of the browsers. Google Drive Extension is an official Chrome Extension which helps to save to Google Drive. The following steps involved are:

  • The very first step is to install the extension to your Chrome Browser. You can install the extension from the Chrome web store. In the chrome webstore, you can see a blue button indicating Add to Chrome, click on it to get it added to your browser.
  • After installing the extension, go to the YouTube video page you want to backup and download. There are two options there for downloading such as download the video only or the entire web page for the future purpose.
  • For downloading the whole webpage, click on the button which is given on the toolbar. Under this you would get five options such as .png (image for whole page), .mht (for web archive), .html (for HTML source), .png (image for visible pages) and Google documents. As we need to save YouTube video to Google Drive you are not required to follow the above step. You just need to click on any media file, and you can get the option to save the video to your Google Drive.
  • If you are saving a YouTube video for the first time, you would require authorising the extension for using the details from the Google Account.
  • After you give the authorisation of your Google Account, you can now see the progress of your saving. After the finishing of the saving process, you can rename it according to yourself. There are a bunch of other extensions also available which would provide the same service.


It is always recommended to use the proper Google drive system or Google extensions as it comes from the official team of Google.

The tutorial above about saving YouTube video to your Google Drive is completely understood by now I guess. You no longer need to ask someone about uploading a YouTube video to Google Drives.

The Google Drive is safe, and it gives 15GB of free space after which it will attract charges. The steps mentioned above are very simple and can be done within few seconds.

These steps can help you do more with YouTube by connecting it with your Google Drive account. You can safely save all your liked videos which are powered by Google itself.

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