how to deal with IVF Stress?

How to Deal with IVF stress?

The In-Vitro Fertilization is the process of extracting the eggs from a woman’s uterus and fertilizing it outside the body. The eggs are combined with the male sperm to create embryos, which would then be transplanted into the woman’s uterus. The embryos are created by an embryologist in a laboratory dish. The best embryos are chosen for the implantation by the embryologist, the rest of the embryos are frozen at a very low temperature for future use. There are many factors to think about before taking the In-Vitro Fertilization treatment. The rewards of In-Vitro Fertilization are incredible, but the risks associated with them can be scary.

There are many risks that you need to take into account before considering IVF treatment. The risks and emotional stress are for real in IVF treatment. They cannot be avoided and do not need to be irresistible. Throughout the process of IVF there is so many things you can do to reduce the amount of emotional stress. There will be many days in which you might face some difficulties, but it is possible to go through the treatment in a comfortable and hopeful way.

Choosing your IVF treatment wisely

Having a goof IVF experience starts long before the first procedure of fertility treatment. Starting with a basic research is recommended while looking for a good fertility clinic. Success rates of the clinic is to be taken into consideration before choosing a fertility clinic. You can compare with the couples having a similar profile, for a better success rate of getting pregnant. While visiting a fertility clinic, you must check how comfortable you are with the team who are going to perform this treatment. You must feel comfortable asking all the doubts and queries about the treatment process. You must also check does the team take time for making you understand the process by clearing your doubts.

Educate Yourself

Knowledge about the whole process is very important before considering the IVF treatment. You must gain as much information you can about the whole procedure. You must be fully informed about the different stages and steps which are going to take place and see whether you are comfortable with the process. You can reduce your anxiety by knowing all about the process and being ready before all the stages. You must ask as many questions you feel like to the medical team and clear all your doubts. You should never stay silent and worry inside. This might lead to a higher level of stress levels during the IVF treatment.

Calculate various costs involved

Before beginning the treatment process, you must be well informed about the costs involved for performing the treatment. The cycle costs disclosed only involves some elements, but after the treatment you might end up spending more. The cost of IVF depends mainly on the health conditions and other factors of the woman. You must be ready to spend some extra money if the first cycle of IVF fails. The chances of getting pregnant through the IVF treatment is around 35%. So, there is a high chance of not getting pregnant for the first time. For this, you must always be prepared before taking a decision about the IVF treatment. The second cycle of treatment would have a higher chance for you to get pregnant.

Finding a Mental Health specialist

You must find a mental health specialist, as working through an emotional experience of IVF can be transformative. The mental health specialist would help you and support you through your emotional stress, cherish you up when you feel discouraged, and would provide you needed reassurance through the whole process of IVF.

Learn Stress management techniques

There are many stress releasing management techniques which would help you to reduce the emotional stress you go through during the IVF treatment. Some of the easy techniques are regular Yoga, Mind and body practices, Meditation and breathing techniques. Massages are also found to be effective to release and reduce the stress. These techniques would build inner strength while you go through the IVF treatment.

Keeping all areas of life simple

IVF treatment can be seen as another full time job. With the high emotional and physical stress and pressures you would be unlikely to have a lot of energy for other things. This is not the right time to take big projects and larger tasks. This would increase your stress levels, which can lead to higher risks during the IVF treatment. You must give yourself time to rest and breathe. You must inform at your workplace beforehand as you may need to take bed rests and a long holiday. You must eliminate all sorts of stress from your life and plan it with your partner. For the period of time, you must lead a simple lifestyle, comfort yourself and release all the stress related works and projects.

Though it is not possible to totally remove all stress during the IVF treatment, but the above mentioned techniques and measures would help you to reduce your emotional stress level to a large extent. The most important thing is you are not alone, these stresses, dilemma, fears and worries are common during the IVF treatment and is faced by all the women throughout the procedure. You must always be positive about your outcomes of IVF treatment. The one thing you should be proud of being you take the decision of having a baby.

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