How to Download WhatsApp Stories on Android (Rooted / Non Rooted Users)

This is going to be very useful for those you still do not know how to download the Whatsapp stories. Stories were seen in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. You can easily download from other browsers, but Whatsapp does not have the feature to download which they could have easily added, but for the security reason they have not provided yet. But that does not stop the download freaks to grab the stories and videos which are forwarded through Whatsapp.

WA Tweaks is nowadays becoming a trending android application which is having a lot of features. Recently, WhatsApp Introduced a new feature of WhatsApp Status. In this feature, users can view the photos and videos of all your contacts without downloading. It is same as Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Today, we are going to tell you a way in which I will tell you how you can download WhatsApp stories on Android.

One of the best features of the WA Tweaks is that you can also download all the Stories of your friends. Suppose you want to download the image or video which is being shared with your friends and after 24 hours are completed, those stories are deleted, but you can download it with the help of WA Tweaks.
Nowadays we have seen many of the users are sharing the stories on WhatsApp and they love this feature just because of faster access and users can share the videos and images in some seconds. This is amazing and the speed matters every time whenever we want to share or download any files.

Follow Bellow Steps For Rooted & Non Rooted Users

1. How To Download WhatsApp Stories Non Rooted User

  • Open Whatsapp from your phone and go to the STATUS Tab, view the story which you want to download.
  • Download story saver from Whatsapp from Playstore.

  1. Then open the app on your device, you can see all stories you have already viewed. If you want to download some stories which is not visible in this app, then make sure that you have already viewed Whatsapp story at least once from Whatsapp.

  • Then click on any story which you want to save on your phone, then hit the download button, it will save the Whatsapp story instantly in your device.

  • If you want to save the multiple stories at a time, then it is also possible. You need to press long on any story then click on the save icon from the top right corner.

  • Then go to downloads tab, you will be able to view your downloaded stories.
  • You can view, share, or delete your downloaded stories.

This app is very easy to use and you can use it in your phone and save may Whatsapp stories. This app works well with the usual Whatsapp but it is still not working for GBWhatsapp yet.

2. How to Download WhatsApp Stories On Android (Rooted Users)

  • Download WA Tweaks from here:    Download
  • Install the application and you might see the Installation blocked warning.

  • Just click on the Settings and Enable the Unknown Sources Warning.

  • Now, try to install the application on your device and open the application.Click on the Menu button and then click on the extra button
  • Now, click on Extract Status and you will be able to download the status of your friends.

  • How to Download WhatsApp Stories On Android (Non-Rooted Users)
  • Download the Click2Chat application from Play Store.
  • Open the application and you will see an option of STORIES.

  • Then Allow the Storage Permission and wait for it and the images will be loaded.

  • In this application, you can also download old status of your friends which is awesome.


Hope you love both of these applications and you will see that both the apps are having amazing features. You can download the Stories of your friends. This was the article about the way you can Download WhatsApp Stories On Android.

Optionally, you can view all the stories as a slideshow using the “Saved Stories” option. The app also lets you view recent stories without seeing status from its dashboard.

There is an option to re-post/forward status of your contact on WhatsApp or share it using Android’s Share menu. A list of choices shows when you long press the story while you’re viewing them in Saved section. The app is ad-supported, but it doesn’t require any unwanted permissions except for saving data to storage.

WhatsApp Stories allow users to share moments in the form of personalised photos, videos and GIFs. The stories appear in a new ‘Status’ tab, where you and your contacts can view them within 24 hours.

However, WhatsApp doesn’t save your friends and family status of the phone gallery, unlike the media. Perhaps, if you want to download WhatsApp stories on Android, which includes photos, videos and GIFs, then you can do it easily with these above-mentioned apps.

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