Download Change My Software Windows XP Edition

Download Change My Software Windows XP Edition

Can you change the operating system of your Android device? The answer is ‘Yes’! You may not be aware of the latest advancements and inventions. Change My Software is a magical tool with which you can manipulate the Android device and replace its operating system with Windows. With such feature, you need not purchase a new Windows-powered device and make extra expenses. If you use an Android phone or tablet, you can change the Operating System with Windows and get access to the Windows OS features. It is easier to install the software and replace Android OS with Windows OS. You must get prepared for specific requirements.

Special requirements for successful installation

  • Laptop/Computer with Windows XP OS
  • Smartphone or Tablet with Android OS
  • A USB Cable for the handheld device
  • The handheld device must have 1GB RAM and 8GB Internal Storage
  • Make sure to connect high-speed internet services on the Laptop or Computer to download the software fast
  • Download ‘Change My Software’ Edition XP on the PC and install it.
  • Connect the handheld device to the PC via USB cable and enable USB Debugging mode on the device


Research the step-by-step procedure to install the software successfully. As you have PC with XP version, you must download the Change My Software XP Edition. Don’t remove the Android OS from the device. You can keep both the OS on the same device and use either of the OS as required. This tool allows you to use the features of Windows OS and applications on an Android device!

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