Download Change My Software Windows 8 Edition

Download Change My Software Windows 8 Edition

Do you want to install Windows on Android device? Download ‘Change my Software Windows 8 Edition’ and get it installed on your Android-powered device. The software turns the new operating system compatible with Windows, and the users can use Android as well as Windows simultaneously on the same device. Change my Software is helpful for persons having Android device but are not satisfied with its features.

Fulfill the requirements and change the OS

You need not purchase a new Windows-powered device. For the dual boot features of the software, you can install it and use it on the Android device. You need to fulfill specific requirements reap the features of the software. The software doesn’t work for replacing Windows on Android! You can install the software and replace Android on Windows device.

What are the requirements you need to fulfill for downloading and installing the software?

  • High-speed Internet Connectivity
  • A Computer with Windows 8 OS
  • An Android-powered device- Mobile or Tablet
  • USB Cable for Android/Windows-powered device
  • Download Change My Software Edition 8
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode on the Android/Windows Powered Device
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM is the requirement on the device
  • Minimum 8GB Storage capacity is required


With Change my Software 8 Edition package, you can install the latest OS version on the device. You can access dual OS on a single device with this excellent software. You need to fulfill the requirements for installing the software on your device.

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