Download Change My Software 8.1 Edition

Download Change My Software 8.1 Edition

Are you not satisfied with your Android mobile or tablet? Do you want a device with an ideal platform? Android, of course, is one of the leading platforms for handheld devices. But Android has certain restrictions and limitations. If you think Windows OS will perfectly suit your needs, you can start using the Windows-powered device. You need not purchase a Windows-powered device and bear extra expenses! You can install Windows on Android device.  Download Change My Software 8.1 Edition. The software enables dual boot on the Android device, and you can easily access Android as well as Windows on the same device. To allow dual boot on the Android device, you must fulfill specific requirements.

Specific requirements for installing Windows OS on Android device

  • You must have a Computer or Laptop with Windows 8.1 Version OS
  • You must have an Android mobile or tablet
  • Both Computer and Android devices must have minimum internal storage of 8GB
  • For both the devices, 1GB RAM is the minimum requirement
  • A USB Cable to connect the handheld device to the PC
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Download Change My Software Edition 8.1
  • After connecting the USB cable to both the accessories, you need to turn on USB debugging mode on the handheld Android device


You need to follow the step-by-step procedure to install ‘Change My Software Edition 8.1’software without any error. Make sure to read the process to install Windows 8.1 version on your Android phone/tablet successfully. Don’t remove the existing Android OS from the device. Keep both Windows and Android on the same device.

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