Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You never know

If you own a smartphone, then you might have WhatsApp installed in it. The popularity of this application is well known. In fact, it has become a major form of Social media. Today, not just people, but even big firms use WhatsApp as a part of their contact information. It is free, fast, reliable, and secure. These features make this application the best instant messaging application. The user-interface is pretty friendly. Even a newbie can handle it without any difficulty. It doesn’t bore you with Advertisements and is free from lags. But are you an ordinary or a smart WhatsApp user? Well, there are few WhatsApp tricks to make you a smart user from a normal one.

Do you find it hard to avoid people on WhatsApp without being rude to them? If yes, then perhaps your favorite Instant Messaging needs more of your skills on it. From disabling the aspect “last seen” to turning off the Read Receipts, there are tricks to change the way you use it and make it more useful than ever. In this article, I will be presenting you some of the tried and tested Whatsapp Tips & tricks to use the WhatsApp like a Pro.

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You never know

1. Getting rid of Blue Ticks

Getting rid of Blue Ticks

Whenever your phone buzzes with a WhatsApp message, you immediately glance down the notification to see the message. However, you are not always able to reply to some messages. It may be due to lack of time or lack of a suitable response. Obviously, in such cases, you don’t want the sender to get informed that you’ve read the message through the Blue Ticks.

Here are the WhatsApp tricks to get rid of Blue Ticks.

  1. All you have to do is go to the Settings of your WhatsApp.
  2. Now, navigate to the Account and then Privacy.
  3. At the bottom, you will find read receipts option.
  4. Turn off the Read Receipts.
  5. The message sender won’t get the blue ticks even after reading the message.

2. Analyzing the storage space of the messages from every contact

Analyzing the storage space of the messages from every contact

WhatsApp messages often acquire a lot of space if it has lots of multimedia into it. You can figure out the storage space acquired by every individual contact or group. This way you can free some space by deleting messages from an unimportant person or group at one go.

Here is how to analyse the storage space of the messages from every contact.

  1. Open the Settings of the WhatsApp.
  2. Navigate to Data and Storage Usage.
  3. Now, select the Storage Usage.

Finally, you will see a list of all your contacts and groups arranged according to the data usage of their messages.

3. Hiding the display picture ( DP )

Hiding the display picture ( DP )

You may have some profile pictures that you don’t want anyone to see, apart from your Contacts or sometimes, not even your Contacts. Well, you can hide your profile picture easily on the WhatsApp.

Here is the steps on how to hide Display Picture.

  1. As usual open the Settings.
  2. navigate to the Privacy option
  3. go to Profile Picture option.
  4. Now, you will find three options to choose. If you don’t want anyone to see your profile picture, then choose Nobody. For displaying to Contacts only, select My Contacts option.

4. Find out the reading time-stamp of your messages

Find out the reading time-stamp of your messages

Though the blue ticks can spark a quarrel with your loved ones, sometimes, it can hint you something about them. You can know the exact time of the delivery of your messages. In WhatsApp groups, you can also know the message delivery time as well as people who read your messages.

Here are the WhatsApp tricks how to find out the reading time of your message.

  1. Open the chat box in which you want to know about the message delivery time.
  2. Tap and hold the message that you want details.
  3. Now, tap on the info option, and you will get the details on your screen.

It is slightly different for iOS ( iphone ) users. They can select the message and drag it to the left. A window will get opened, revealing the delivery time.

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5. Getting rid of annoying notifications from groups

The problem with random WhatsApp groups with lots of members is people get obsessive in chats. Your phone starts buzzing every minute for notifying you about the group message. It feels annoying because most of the time the conversation doesn’t even relate to you. You don’t want to quit the group, but meanwhile, you also don’t want the irritating buzzes as well.

Here are the WhatsApp tricks through which you can mute the group. You can turn off the annoying buzzes without leaving the group.

You have to tap on the Group for a while and go to the group Info option. At the bottom, you will find the mute option. You can mute the group from 8 hours to even 1 year.

6. Fast access to the conversation box

We all have a few people or groups in our WhatsApp contact list to which we chat more. For easy access to their chat box, you can place a shortcut on your home screen. It will save you time as you won’t have to go through the opening and closing processes of WhatsApp.

At first, tap the chat box, and a pop-up with options will arise. Now, select the Add Conversation Shortcut option. In no time, you will find an icon of the Display picture of the person on your home screen.

However, there is not such option for iPhone users.

7. Find out the real Location

With WhatsApp, you can stay safe from the lies people often use for their location. You can use it for spouse, friends and other people who often use “on the way” lies.

Here is the steps on how to find their Location.

You have to insist the person for sharing the Location through the icon after the text box. Afterward, you have to Tap on the Share Location option. You will get it as a hint. By using location share option, you will get the location details as a dropped pin. However, one can also hide their actual location by manually entering the location.

8. Disguising your activity by switching off “last seen” option

The “Last Seen” feature of WhatsApp can create trouble in your relationship as well as in your friendships. Here is how to switch it off, so you don’t have to answer for not replying when being online.

At first, open the Settings, go to the Privacy. Now, you will find some options. In the Last Seen option, select Nobody.

9. Use voice recognition for typing messages

Tired of typing messages. How about giving some relaxation to your fingers and using the Google voice recognition feature for typing simple messages? Yes, you can do that on WhatsApp. Here is how.

Speak “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri.” Now, you have to call the name of your contact to which, you want to send a message. Now, read out the message to get it typed. However, it lacks precision for lengthy sentences, but it works fine for short sentences.

10. Sending out bulk messages as a private IM

In case, you have to announce something or invite people, then a loudmouth platform like Facebook wouldn’t be suitable for it. On WhatsApp, you can send the bulk message to hundreds like a privately composed one.

Here are the WhatsApp tricks for that.

You will find a Broadcast list option on the left corner of the WhatsApp screen. Select it and create a new list of the contacts whom you want to send the message. Afterward, just use it, as normal messaging.

11. Securing your messages accidental reading by the people

When someone touches our phone, then we worry most of our private messages. Obviously, we don’t want anyone to read the messages from a spouse or even from family. Here are the WhatsApp tricks for securing it, so you don’t regret or feel embarrassed later.

Open the Settings and then navigate to Notifications. Finally, disable the Show Preview feature.

  1. Go to the Settings option
  2. Navigate to Chat and Call option.
  3. Now, in the bottom of the window, you will find the option Low Data Usage.
  4. Switch in on to talk freely without bothering your limited data plan and low-connectivity.

12. Make clear WhatsApp calls in low connectivity

WhatsApp was among the first smartphone applications to bring the revolutionary VoIP call feature. However, it not only consumes significant data but also, it is hard to place a clear call in low connectivity. Obviously, it is frustrating to talk with a lot of hellos.

Here are the WhatsApp tricks to make clear calls and save data.

13. Back up Your WhatsApp data

It is frustrating to lose data when your smartphone gets stolen or formatted. Here are the WhatsApp tricks to make a cloud backup of it.

If you’re an iPhone user, then you can do this through the iCloud feature that automatically saves your data on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule. You can also choose for backing up specific chat options. While if you’re are an Android user, then you can do this by through automatic Google Drive backup. You will find the option to schedule the backup in the Chat and Calls option.


So, here we have WhatsApp tricks to make it more useful for you. Hopefully, it will let you use it more efficiently. If anyone of above whatsapp tips and tricks is not working or want to share some interesting whatsapp tips and tricks then write down to us in below comment. We will sure update the above article.

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