Best Microsoft office alternatives : No More need to pay for Microsoft Office

Hello friends, In the recent years, lots of new software has arrived, giving an Microsoft office alternatives. The alternative software also provides convenient, functional designs.

They offer services beyond the basic editing and formatting in their premium suite. There is still much software which is widely used as an Microsoft office alternatives.

Now No need to pay for Microsoft Office, so we have listed some its Alternatives. Some of the Microsoft office alternative software available is mentioned and discussed below:

1. FreeOffice 2016 by SoftMaker Software

FreeOffice 2016 by SoftMaker Software

FreeOffice 2016 software is created as an alternative to Microsoft Office by SoftMaker. The latest version of the SofMaker’s Free Office 2016 arrives with full compatibility for DOX, DOC, PPT, XLSX and XLS formats. The software has a lot of work going for making the software loss free. The users won’t find any unexpected surprises while transferring files to the real Microsoft Word programs.

This alternative can be used by the users who still needs Microsoft Word program, for the time being, needs a free replacement for Word. The software is very much similar to the original Word, and it is very easy on the eyes too.

The features like document and toolbar creations can be found common between the two software. The latest version of the FreeOffice 2016 ensures a faster processing with no loading time. The alternative for Microsoft Excel is also available named PlanMaker. This software also offers features such as conditional formatting and Pivot tables. With these functions, the users shifting to PlanMaker need not learn anything extra as it has the same functionality as Microsoft Excel.

Some of the features by FreeOffice 2016 : Microsoft office alternatives

  1. Better compatibility with Microsoft Office
  2. New EPUB export and improved PDF export or export to EPUB format
  3. Huge worksheets with up to one million rows
  4. Animations and slide transitions based on DirectX
  5. SoftMaker FreeOffice is available for a wide range of operating systems: Windows, Linux, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Download FreeOffice 2016 by SoftMaker

2. LibreOffice Software

LibreOffice Software

The makers of the LibreOffice, analyzed Microsoft Office and decided to make a software which includes all those features that Microsoft Office does not provide. After making the Libre Office software, they even made a comparison graph that displays the extra compatibility and differences that LibreOffice has compared to Microsoft Office.

Libre Office supports a huge number of imports and exports for the document. If you think Microsoft Office is not compatible with your industry specified formats, you can happily step into LibreOffice. The open source community behind Libre Office always remains active. It supports a huge variety of extensions and formats. These features would enable you to equip all the applications with any features you want to. The latest update of Libre Office has included the ability to classify documents into different security categories. It also includes more minimalistic toolbars, time-saving tools, and extra spreadsheet functions. You can blindly shift to Libre Office software of you want a highly customizable alternative which would help you expand the tools that Microsoft Office provides.

LibreOffice comes in two versions 5.3.3 & 5.2.7 Which Support following operating systems.

  1. Linux x64 (deb)
  2. Linux x64 (rpm)
  3. Linux x86 (deb)
  4. Linux x86 (rpm)
  5. Mac OS X x86_64 (10.8 or newer required)
  6. Windows
  7. Windows x86_64 (Vista or newer required)

Download LibreOffice Software

3. WPS Office 2016 Software

WPS Office 2016 Software

The WPS Office 2016 is also created as similar as possible to the Microsoft Office versions. It consists of Writer, Spreadsheets and presentations similar to Microsoft Office. The files which you would create using this software will be easily compatible with the Microsoft programs.

The WPS Office 2016 software includes PDF conversion feature. The PDF conversion tool would help to import and export the files in a reader-friendly format. This software has a lot of similarities with the Microsoft word. At the same time, the WPS Office 2016 is also a dead ringer, and it is ideal if you are comfortable and used to work on Microsoft word programs. WPS Office 2016 software would help you to mimic your actions for helping you experience the features as closely to Microsoft Word. If you have no time to learn new methods and tools and need to work on an alternative Office software urgently, WPS Office 2016 would be the best option to choose.

The templates provided in Microsoft Word is also present in WPS Office, which makes it easier on the part of the user. This would help you find an easy and favorite way to start and fill out your documents. Picking WPS Office 2016 would be much easier than you think, as the software’s newer version’s interface resembles the same as Microsoft Word.

WPS is not a content copy of Microsoft Office in all things. WPS Office includes some extra features such as having organic ways to change paragraph with the help of your mouse, advanced documents tab and section navigation for multiple tasking and much more.

WPS Office 2016 Software support various Operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7 & 10 and other Windows version. This software also support iOS, Linux and Android Mobile os.

Download WPS Office 2016 Software

4. Google Docs Cloud Application

Google Docs Cloud Application

Google Docs is a cloud-based document software, which helps the users to work together on a project online. Google Docs do not need any introduction as such, as most of the population are familiar with the online platform. If a person wants to work with other people together on a project, the person can use Google Docs as the progress of work is stored in Google Drive.

Google Drive is an online storage in which you can share and upload your work so that everyone can see your progress and work together. The new version of Google Docs supports DOC files and PDF’s.

The software even works on the Mac supported OS. The name of the software for Mac OS is iWork. The work shared and stored in the Google Drive is highly secured, so you don’t need to worry about losing your data and information.The Google Docs allows integration of other Google services such as Calendar, Google Plus and Gmail.

The feature of working, editing and discussing changes in your documents with others is very useful to the users. These features are very well managed and done by the Google Doc options.There are certain hidden features which make it a little confusing sometimes. However, a person familiar with Chrome or Chrome Operating System will not face any problems regarding navigating all the menus and hidden features. The Chrome users would know what should be expected from this software and can use it efficiently as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

Google Docs Cloud Application


These Microsoft office alternative software lacks some features which are available in Microsoft Office such as Pivot Tables and Mail Merging. These extra features help Microsoft Office to gain an edge over its alternatives. The recently developed software has given rise to a group of advisers who fall out of the Microsoft banner. These various capable alternatives will be available for both the Windows and Mac OS users.

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