Best dropbox alternatives 2018

Dropbox is a work-space that allows you to store and organize your large files and documents under one roof. You can transfer your large files easily to Dropbox or collaborate with the Powerpoint or illustrator to store your designs on dropbox.

Dropbox has many advantages like,

  • Dropbox can store a large amount of data and it is of course free.
  • Dropbox provides a space of 2GB for free which is a great amount of space.
  • You can increase the space by certain methods like connecting it to your social media accounts and by inviting your friends and family to use Dropbox.

dropbox features and benefits

But there are alternatives to Dropbox because there are some Cons to the Dropbox as well such as if your account remains inactive for a pretty long time the Dropbox has a right to delete the contents stored and when you log in again there would be nothing you had stored.

Dropbox has many alternatives that are easy to use and are simple. They provide you with the same or more advanced features than Dropbox. These alternatives are as follows.

  1. pCloud
  2. Google drive
  3. BOX
  4. Onedrive
  5. Mediafire

In the above-mentioned drives, the best drive and the best alternative to Dropbox is the Google drive. I will mention all the features of the above-mentioned drives.

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Let’s start with the pCloud Cloud Host.

1. pCloud

pCloud is mentioned in the alternatives to the Dropbox due to the major reason that it provides a space of 20 GB for free.
pCloud is also a good choice because it has the feature that it does not occupy the space on your devices for storage it has its own built-in storage. You can easily sync all your files and transfer them to pCloud. pCloud also provides a feature for its paid user that allows encryption of data.

Best dropbox alternatives 2018 1

This version is called as pCloud Crypto.


Free Storage: 20GB

Price Plan: Free , $47.88 /YEAR$95.88 /YEAR, $ 175 For Life time.

Check Complete Plan

2. Google drive

Google drive is one of the best alternatives to your Dropbox. Google drive provides you with the facility of collaborating with multiple people so that they can also work on the same documents or files by using Google docs or Google sheets etc.

Google Drive Signup

Oh yes! and it provides 15 GB of space but if you reach level 4 in Google local guides it provides you with space up to 100 GB a big deal of space and can store the world on it.

Google drive, in addition, has a feature that you can choose how and which files can a person, you have collaborated with, use those files.

So, isn’t it an awesome alternative. It provides a huge space, more advanced features and a great variety of easy to use tools. And last but not the least it has a security which nobody can compete.

Site: Google Drive

Free Storage: 15GB

Price Plan: Free

Business Account: Start with 100GB / 130 INR / Month

Google Drive Signup

3. Box

Box Cloud storage Dropbox alternativesBox provides you with a key that it is integrated into almost all the apps used for business. Box provides you with a space of 10 GB. But a drawback of the box is that it does not allow its free users to upload large files, files that are 250 MB or plus. The best feature about the box is that you can work and edit all the files either on Microsoft or on Google Docs.

Site: 3. Box

Free Storage: 10GB

Drawback: 250 MB file upload limit

Price Plan: Free

Multiple Plan Account: Plans start with 100 GB/ 758 Rs / Month

Sign Up For Box

4. OneDrive

After Google Drive, this is the most preferred app that allows you to store your data safely and securely without any hesitation. One Drive also allows you to store and manage large files and documents easily.

One drive is available on all the devices and web versions that are easy to use.

With every new version of Windows 10, you get One Drive for free, and Windows reserves the right of scanning files so privacy is no more a concern for One drive OR Window users.

But a sad thing about One Drive is that they do not support password protected or expiring links.

Free Storage: 5GB

Price Plan: Free

Multiple Plan Account available.

Sign Up For OneDrive

5. Mediafire

Media fire provides you with all the features that other clouds or storage drives provide. It has the feature to allow you manage and store your files and documents easily due to its super easy managing tools.

Media fire also allows you to control the access of files from every device so that is a super cool feature though.

But one of the drawbacks of media fire is that its free version is full of ads. Otherwise, Mediafire can serve as one of the best alternatives to you Dropbox.

Free Storage: 10GB

Drawback: free version is full of ads

Price Plan: Free

Multiple Plan Account available.


The conclusion is that now in this advancing world you do not have to worry about the storage as there are many new storage drives introduced and yes you do not need to stick to Dropbox only because in 2018 more and more advanced drives are being introduced and the above mentioned alternatives provide you with every feature you wish to use.

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