Best Adobe After Effects Alternatives for Windows & Mac

Best After Effects Alternative : 2017

Adobe After Effects is a software developed by Adobe, which is used for motion graphics, visual effects and composition. From professional filmmakers to amateur YouTubers, After Effects come handy to all of them. Apart from film-making and television making, After Effects is also used for animation, key and tracking.

How to choose an alternative for Adobe After Effects?

After Effects is a costly software, although it is worth the price. An original version of Adobe After Effects will cost one around 1200 INR per month. Adobe also offers a free trial of a month before anyone purchases the product.
After Effects is a strong tool for visual effects and motion graphics, although it will take some time to learn all the features. Adobe After Effects needs strong system configuration with incredibly high RAM and graphics.

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The below is the list of top 10 After Effects alternatives:

  1. The Foundry Nuke: After Effects alternative Software

    The Foundry Nuke software is Much more professional tool than After Effects can be a perfect alternative for the software. This software is used by animation companies like Dreamworks. The Foundry Nuke does many works like After Effects and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The price of this software is a bit costly and comes with the price tag of more than 20,00,00 INR, and this is a software only for the professionals.

    The Foundry Nuke Download

  2. Autodesk Smoke: After Effects alternative Software

    Autodesk Smoke is a new competitor of After Effects which came on the market in 2013. Just like After Effects, this software supports 3D rendering, motion graphics, color correction etcetera. This software comes with the price tag of around 20,00,00 INR. The product is continuously growing in the market. However, the software is available for Mac users.

    Autodesk Smoke Download

  3. Blender 2: After Effects alternative Software

    Blender 2: This is an open source platform software, which is available in the market for free of cost. Like after effects, this software is also capable of doing work like 3D rendering, camera tracking and stop motion. Although it does not serve all the purposes like after effects do, this software can be a perfect alternative with the advantage of the pricing of this software.

    Blender 2 Download

  4. Autodesk 3DS Max: After Effects alternative Software

    Autodesk 3DS Max: This is one of the most popular software used by the 3D animators. From filmmaking to game building, these software serves the best possible services regarding 3D. Although the compositing and special effects are a bit small, this software can be a perfect alternative for After effects.

    Autodesk 3DS Max Download

  5. Eyeon Fusion 6.4: After Effects alternative Software


    Eyeon Fusion 6.4: This software can be a perfect alternative to Adobe After Effects as it can serve all the possible functions needed for a film production. From 3D modelling to visual effects this software serves it all. The pricing of this software is a bit costly, which comes around 15,00,00 INR, but this is a product worth the price.

    Eyeon Fusion 6.4 Download

  6. Fxhome Hitfilm 2 Ultimate: After Effects alternative Software

    Fxhome Hitfilm 2 Ultimate: For special effects and animation which are needed for a filmmaker, this software is one of the best in class. The pricing of this product is also very reasonable which starts from 25000INR, and this product can be an awesome alternative regarding special effects and animation provided by Adobe After Effects.

    Fxhome Hitfilm 2 Ultimate Download

  7. DebugMode Wax: After Effects alternative Software

    DebugMode Wax: This software is a perfect product for the beginners, as the software is an open source program. The software can be used for special effects like smoke and rain just like Adobe After effects. If someone wants to enjoy some beautiful 3D effects without a bit investments, then this product is perfect for them. As the software is an open source program and comes for free, of cost, this software can be a pretty good alternative for Adobe After Effects.

    DebugMode Wax Download

  8. Autodesk Maya: After Effects alternative Software

    Autodesk Maya: This is another program from the brand Autodesk. Maya is a software which focuses on the filmmaking industry. The software specialises in animation and CG techniques of filmmaking. Although there are some works which cannot be done in this software alike After Effects, the software has its tools which may overlap the tools of After Effects. Keeping everything in mind, this product can be called as a good alternative of After Effects, depending on using purpose of the software.

    Autodesk Maya Download

  9. Corel VideoStudio Pro X6: After Effects alternative Software

    Corel VideoStudio Pro X6: This product is developed by one of the renowned companies in this industry named Corel. Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is a film- making software just like Adobe After Effects. The best part of this software is one can access the software from their tablets and smartphones. The software is designed correctly and is a good alternative for After Effects. The software works on Windows platform.

    Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Download

  10. Motion 5.3.2 By Apple: After Effects alternative Software

    Motion is Designed for video editors, Motion is a powerful motion graphics tool that makes it easy to create cinematic 2D and 3D titles, fluid transitions, and realistic effects in real time. I cost $49.99 only. It’s Compatible with OS X 10.11.4 or later and best for Mac User.

    Motion 5.3.2 Download

  11. Blackmagic Design Fusion: After Effects alternative Software

    Blackmagic Design Fusion: This is one of the most excellent alternatives to Adobe After Effects. This Software serves exactly the purpose which is served by Adobe After Effects. From motion graphics to visual effects all filmmaking stuff are quite generously served by this software. The software is perfect for all professionals including 3D animators, Film Makers and Motion graphics artist. The price of this software starts with a very reasonable price. Movies like 2012, G.I Joe, have used this software to achieve some spectacular effects. After an overall overview, this software is the closest alternative to Adobe After Effects.

    Blackmagic Design Fusion Download

Video editing, video rendering, and many other visual effects are quite easily available with the help of one of the Adobe After Effects, which is one of the best products to serve these functions. But there are certainly many options of software which an individual or a professional can choose. Once the purpose of using the software Is cleared to someone, he can choose any software that will serve the same purposes as Adobe After Effects.
Many individuals are not yet professionals, but they want to explore the filmmaking science. For them, there are some open source programs, which are available in the market for free of cost but they will serve exactly all the purposes just like Adobe After Effects.The above are the top 10 alternatives of After effects which will serve an individual more or less same purposes.


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Best Adobe After Effects Alternatives for Windows & Mac

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